The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has designated priority establishments in its implementation of the Labor Law Compliance System (LLCS).

These priority establishments are those with a higher risk for non-compliance with labor laws, particularly on occupational safety and health standards, as well as labor standards.

Priority Establishments

For the LLCS implementation, the following are considered priority establishments:

1. Engaged in hazardous work;

2. Employing in child employees;

3. Engaged in contracting and subcontracting arrangement;

4. Philippine registered ships or vessels engaged in in domestic shipping;

5. Employing 10 or more employees; and

6. Other priority establishments covered by subsequent issuances.[1]

As priority establishments, they take precedence when it comes to Joint Assessment, Compliance Visit, and Occupational Safety and Health Standards Investigation.

Assessment of Priority Establishments

While there are six priority establishments enumerated, the Manual on LLCS provides for procedures for only the following:

1. Assessment of Contractors/Subcontractors, Service Cooperatives and Security Agencies;

2. Assessment of Philippine Registered Domestic Ships;

3. Assessment of Public Utility Bus Transport Companies;

4. Assessment of Landbased or Seabased Recruitment/Manning Agencies; and

5. Assessment of Apprenticeship/Learners.

The procedures will be discussed herein.

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[1] Manual on Labor Laws Compliance System and Procedures for Uniform Implementation (DOLE Department Order No.131, Series of 2013, As Amended), Department of Labor and Employment, Manila, Philippines, 29 August 2014.