The Court is grieved by the closure of the petitioner hospital, and what such closure meant, not only to petitioner, but to the public and especially patients and those in need of medical attention. It is even more sad that, by reason of such closure, petitioner’s employees and staff, including doctors, nurses and other hospital workers, have had to be laid off. We would have wanted to see the parties amicably settle their differences and patch things up, in view of the crucial public service they rendered, particularly since, up to the time of its suspension of operation, the hospital was “the best equipped in the locality”. However, all that is water under the bridge now, and there is really not much that this Court can do in the premises and at this time except to decide the instant case on the basis of the legal issues raised.

– San Pedro Hospital of Digos, Inc. v. The San Pedro Hospital Employees Union – National Federation of Labor, G.R. No. 104624, 11 October 1996.

G.R. No. 211228, 12 November 2014

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