DOLE D.O. No. 2003-40B: Chartered Local, Federation

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Amending The Implementing Rules Of Book V Of The Labor Code Of The Philippines

Section 1. The Rules mentioned in the following sections pertain to Book V of the Rules and Regulations Implementing the Labor Code of the Philippines, as amended by Department Order No. 40-03.

Section 2. Section 1 (i), Rule I is hereby amended as follows:

“(i) Chartered Local” refers to a labor organization in the private sector operating at the enterprise level that acquired legal personality through registration with the Regional Office in accordance with Rule Ill, Section 2-E of these Rules.”

Section 3. Section 2 (E), Rule III is hereby amended as follows:

“A duly-registered federation or national union may directly create a chartered local by submitting to the Regional Office two (2) copies of the following:

  • A charter certificate issued by the federation or national union indicating the creation or establishment of the local/chapter;
    • The names of the local/chapter’s officers, their addresses, and the principal office of the local/chapter; and
    • The local/chapter’s constitution and by-laws, provided that where the local/chapter’s constitution and by-laws is the same as that of the federation or national union, this fact shall be indicated accordingly.

All the foregoing supporting requirements shall be certified under oath by the Secretary or the Treasurer of the local/chapter and attested by its President.”

Section 4. All chartered locals duly-registered prior to the effectivity of this amendatory issuance shall maintain their legitimate status, with all rights and obligations appurtenant thereto.

Section 5. The foregoing rules shall take effect two weeks after completion of publication in one (1) newspaper of general circulation.

Manila, Philippines. 16 February 2004.