Webinar: Covid-19 DOLE Regulations

January 29, 2020 (Friday) | 1:30 pm TO 4:30 pm | via DISCORD – LABOR LAW PH Server


Have you been implementing Covid-19 DOLE Regulations in your workplace?

For establishments which are surviving or thriving, the employers and their managers have to be mindful of Covid-19 DOLE Regulations which are required to be complied to avoid violations, sanctions, and penalties.

The webinar aims to guide employers with their compliance to these regulations.


The objectives of the webinar are:

(1) To review Covid-19 related DOLE Regulations issued in 2020;

(2) To ensure labor law compliance; and

(3) To avoid or prevent violations and penalties.


1. Department Orders

• Department Order No. 208, Series of 2020

• Department Order No. 209, Series of 2020

• Department Order No. 213, Series of 2020

• Department Order No. 214, Series of 2020

• Department Order No. 215, Series of 2020

• Department Order No. 216, Series of 2020

• Department Order No. 217, Series of 2020

• Department Order No. 221, Series of 2020

2. Labor Advisory

• Labor Advisory No. 02 to No. 35, Series of 2020

3. Guidelines

• DOLE-DTI Guidelines

4. Joint Advisories

• DTI-DOLE-DILG Joint Advisory

• DOLE-DOT Joint Advisory

5. Joint Memorandum

• DOLE-DOT Joint Memorandum


Atty. Jericho B. Del Puerto is a lawyer, author, and mentor. He is the founder of www.laborlaw.ph. He published labor law books entitled Disciplinary Action: How to Avoid Illegal Dismissal, and Notable DOLE Regulations. He is a regular lecturer and labor law resource speaker to seminars and training.

He is a Senior Partner at Del Puerto Law & Co, a law firm of experienced and seasoned lawyers with backgrounds from corporate, law firm, and academe. He obtained his law degree or juris doctor at University of the Philippine College of Law (U.P. Law) with the distinction of becoming a member of the Order of the Purple Feather (U.P. Law’s honor society). He finished cum laude for his undergraduate degree in Philosophy at U.P. Diliman.


Participants will be provided digital copies of the presentation handouts and cited DOLE Regulations.


The webinar is FREE – limited to 9 attendees only.


The learning session will be via DISCORD.

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• Business Owners

• Labor Lawyers

• Human Resource Practitioners

• Managers

• Supervisors


For more information: www.laborlaw.ph/community


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